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Maria Cirineo is a freelance Visual Artist, Hair-Designer and a Business Owner, who believes imagination, creativity and the power of inspiration, is the starting point of daily living. 


Her aptitude for the Arts follows her, whether it be in her hair studio, painting on canvas, remodeling a home, building an art studio, designing and maintaining a garden, to giving art classes. Maria has lived her life as an Artist, not to define her as one, but truly the essence of who she is.


Maria’s career has mainly centered on her Hair studio. She has been able (with the help of many) to work in the Visual Arts whenever time allowed.  Privately she has produced a lot of art work.  As of 2017 she has been able to combine her successful Hair Business with her visual art work.  With the commitment to more time, focus and energy she has evolved her Visual Art work to a new level and business.


During the day and many nights you can find Maria either in her Hair studio, Ravine House, Yoga room or the garden.  When time is needed away she likes to travel to warm destinations and explore new cities with forever friend Matt.  She enjoys hiking, ‘glamping’, kayaking, museum hopping, clothes shopping (preferably for Boots),reading, writing, film, listening to loud music, laughing (a lot) with friends and family, and hanging with a lot of puppies!

Maria currently works and lives in Bellevue, WA with her amazing family.