The Hair Studio


The Beginning

The work...


My approach when meeting with a Hair client always starts with collaborating! Then comes my sharing of experience, knowledge, and being honest with what needs to be done to achieve the finale hair outcome.

My core belief in regards to the aesthetics of hair are making absolutely the most out of   what you got and do everything possible to achieve it.  With hair color, cutting, styling, perming straightening, hair products, etc.  I believe most anything can be done to help create the vision of a hairstyle you want.

Thru the years I have created my hair studio to have a boutique atmosphere and personal care is the bases of what I do.  I am in the hair studio 20 hours a week. I have established an extensive group of stylish, kind, intelligent clients.   I am grateful for the work and support they have given to me, some for many years. Thank you!


Currently my days are busy, yet I am always open for and ecstatic about the prospect of a new client and being a part of the process of creating a desired hair style. If this pertains to you, please feel free to contact me at


With gratitude,



"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art"

~Leonardo de Vinci~