The Ravine House


"The nature of creativity is to make space for things to happen."
~Elan McGilchrist~

My need for a structure in the garden started off with an idea for a chicken coop, which was nixed by my husband (thank god!).  We started imagining a Tree House; it seemed a little daunting and dangerous at the same time. So, I thought 'how about we build a little shed and I move my art “stuff” into it?  My husband agreed and the planning began.  We took a summer and built this 200 sq ft salvaged - eclectic shed and turned it into what we call the Ravine House.

During the building, I kept joking with my husband “if we build it, they will come”; not knowing what-so-ever what that would mean.  We would laugh at the idea and keep working.  Years later the best way to describe what has come from the building of this “shed” is everything!


Time passed and the shed became a 'House of Belonging'.  It gave me a place where imagination, creativity and inspiration lived.  A place where there were no have to or can'ts.  No mistakes, no pretense, no opinions, just collaboration with self and others. My personal time, energy and self-worth had changed. What I valued in my daily living was evolving and  transcending, in a very organic and natural progression, from where my past lived to being in my present moments of thinking, doing, and creating for today. I started producing visual art for just the purpose of doing it. The idea of taking what I know, think and feel and creating art based just on that, was intriguing and intimidating.  Two aspects of living that are essential.

I took my own sense of design; style, color, technique, and brought it out to be something tangible and real.  Art utopia! I tried to stay away from public opinions (even if well intended) and just focused on bringing out the artistic essence of what I know and what I don’t. I made art that made sense to only me. Thru this process I realized the bases of my artwork came from my connection to all things; people, places, stories, emotions, Intellect, nature, color, pattern, line, space, movement and love.

Yes, I am a hardcore “Expressionist. I believe my artwork has become a representation of how we are all one dot, one line, one color and one experience away from connecting.  So, here “I am” trusting in the processes and humbled with each new day given to produce and share artwork that may at some point connect US to one another.


With gratitude for you being here and connecting to a part of my shared story.